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1755 Parents’ Experiences with a Preventive Intervention for very low Birth Weight Infants and their Parents after Discharge from Hospital
  1. M Jeukens-Visser,
  2. P van Schie,
  3. K Koldewijn,
  4. G van der Straeten,
  5. MJ Wolf
  1. AMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Background and Aims The ToP programme is a preventive, neurobehavioral intervention for very low birth weight infants and their parents. It is provided at home by a specially trained paediatric physical therapist from discharge until 1 year. The aim was to investigate parents’ experiences with the ToP programme.

Methods All parents participating in the ToP programme were asked to fill in two questionnaires at the end of the intervention: the Measure of Processes of Care (MPOC-20), a measure of parental perception of the extent to which the services they received were family-centered and a questionnaire on the satisfaction of the parents with the ToP programme.

Results From the 124 parents who completed the intervention, 74 returned the questionnaires (60%). Children had a mean (SD) birthweight of 1287 (377) grams and a mean (SD) gestational age of 29.8 (2.6) weeks. Mean age (SD) of mothers at birth was 31.5 (5.2) years. The mean (SD) domain scores (scale 1–7) of the MPOC were high and ranged from 5.5 (1.4) for providing specific information to 6.3 (0.5) for coordinated and comprehensive care. Even though 27% reported not to have known what to expect from the intervention, the parents rated the ToP programme a mean (SD) of 9.0 (1.0) on a scale from 0–10. Parents were positive about the knowledge of the therapist, the suggestions they received, and the number of visits (mean (SD) 9.3 (2.0)).

Conclusions Parents were very positive about the ToP programme. It was perceived as respectful, supportive, and well coordinated.

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