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1722 Metabolic Syndrom: Birth Weight and Childhood Obesity
  1. Z Yazdanpanahi,
  2. M Hajifoghaha,
  3. A Nematollahi
  1. Nursing, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Background Obesity is a worldwide health problem at all ages of life span. A large number of research have shown a positive association between Birth Weight(BW), child hood obesity and Metabolic Syndrome in later life, and thus the prevention is critical.

Material and Methods This article presents the results of a systematic review of the association between Birth weight, childhood obesity and Metabolic syndrom.

Result Several studies pointed out that BW and child hood obesity have contributed to an increase in the prevalence of MS in obese pediatric populations born large gestational age (LGA) and macrosomia. Persistent fetal obesity during infancy and child hood rise the risk of obesity and serious adult health problem such as cardio vascular disease, diabetes cancer, hypertension, psychological problem, arthritis, arthrosclerosis and diminished physical abilities.

Conclusion Due to dramatic increase in epidemiology of obesity and related health problem we have to prevention of it from fetal period and so we should start it before pregnancy with controlling intervention causes of obesity in mother and provide appropriate educating and counseling. Furthermore follow up care during pregnancy infancy and child hood is needed to reduce risk of diseases that has relation to obesity.

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