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1717 Bronchoobstructive Syndrome in Tuberculosis in Childhood
  1. D Dacevski
  1. Institute for Respiratory Diseases in Children-Kozle, Skopje, FYR Macedonia


Bronchoobstructive syndrome in pediatric population, because of its symptomatology, is frequently cause/introduction for detection of etiological moment, and also verification of tuberculosis infection.

Aim To access how often bronchoobstructive crisis are related with respiratory form of tuberculosis (TB) and what forms are the most frequent.

Material and Methods In the period of 12 years (1999–2010) we inspected hospital histories of patients treated because of TB infection.

We noted: anamnesis data for acute respiratory disorder (cough, wheezing, dyspnea…), their long-lasting and expression, clinical finding, laboratory, microbiological and radiological findings, Mantoux test with PPD-5, data about contact with TB ill person, BCG-scar etc.

Results In 20, 15% cases with contact known persons these data were neglected and a cause for physician visit was bronchoobstructive episode. Patients from Roman population were the most frequent, and after them Albanians - at the same time social problem was manifested.

Conclusion It is necessary to realize educational and inspecting measures between populations. More attention has to be initiated on the relation physician-parents because of the bigger benefit achieved with early diagnosis and treatment/prevention.

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