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1670 Internet Addiction among Children in Families of high Socioeconomic Level and the Effects of Familial Factors
  1. SM Kayıran1,
  2. IT Comert2,
  3. N Kose1,
  4. B Gurakan1
  1. 1American Hospital
  2. 2Aydın University, Istanbul, Turkey


Background and Aims Internet use has increased rapidly in Turkey, raising concerns about physical and mental health problems associated with Internet addiction in adolescents. This study sought to describe Internet use among children aged 10–16 years in Turkish families of high socioeconomic level, and to evaluate the effects of familial factors.

Methods A questionnaire based on the Internet Addiction Test (IAT) was administered to 329 parents in American Hospital in Istanbul during the September-December 2010.

Results Of children and adolescents included in the sample, 45.3% (n: 149) were females, and 54.7% (n: 180) were males. According the reports of parents, 9.1% (n: 30) of children and adolescents were Internet addicts.

Conlusions We found that gender, age, and Internet use frequency affected Internet addiction. Although the prevalence of Internet addiction is low among Turkish children, preventive and educational initiatives and the involvement of addiction experts are necessary to reduce the effects of this emerging phenomenon.

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