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1606 Histoacryl Injection in Management of Fourth Branchial Fistula
  1. MA Osman
  1. Pediatric Surgical Unit, Surgery Department, Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt


Purpose The aim of this study is to evaluate a minimal invasive approach in management of fourth branchial fistula using N Butyl Cyanacrylate (Histoacryl), and to study its feasibility.

Patients and Methods Between 2006 and 2011, a retrospective study of 5 children with fourth branchial fistula were treated at Assiut University hospital. Histoacryl (adhesive material) was injected through the tract under general anesthesia. Their age ranged from 2 years to 5.5 years. Three of them were females.

Results All the children presented with discharging fourth branchial fistula. Three of them had left sided fistula. Fistulogram was carried out to all cases, 2 of them had complete fistula. The duration of the procedure ranged between ten to fifteen minutes. No complications were recorded. The duration of follow up ranged from two months to one year. No recurrence was recorded during the period of follow up.

Conclusion Hisoacryl injection of the fourth branchial fistula is an effective, easy and minimal invasive procedure which can be carried out by junior staff. Surgery is a backup if there is failure or recurrence after injection.

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