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1601 Tympanostomy and Adenoidectomy for Treatment of Otitis Media in Children
  1. S Diacova1,
  2. V Desvignes2,
  3. A Chiaburu1,
  4. D Chirtoca1,
  5. S Parii1
  1. 1Otorhinolaryngology, Pediatric Clinic, SMPhU, Chisinau, Moldova
  2. 2Society ‘Médecins du Monde’, Clermont-Ferrand, France


Background and Aims Tympanostomy and adenoidectomy are the most frequently performed surgical procedures in children, which are indicated in otitis media with effusion (OME) and recurrent otitis media (ROM).

The Aim of our research is to analyze the effectiveness, complications and outcome of tympanostomy and adenoidectomy in treatment of otitis media.

Subjects and methods Children at age 1–7 years of life with chronic OME and ROM with the disease duration 6 months and more and complete clinical, audiological and otoscopical evaluation received medical treatment according to our scheme. The absence of positive results after the treatment was the condition for including in the Project 687 children (506 with OME and 181 with ROM). Tympanostomy was performed according to elaborated principles concomitant with adenoidectomy. In 12–18 months we removed tubes and revised the tympanic cavity.

Audiological, clinical and otoscopical assessment was carried out before and every three months during 2 years after surgery.

Results Before surgery the mean hearing level was 33 dB (SD 3.1 dB), after surgery - 13 dB (SD 2.7) in 93% of cases during all period of follow up. In 3 % of ears we noted aggravation of ROM in 3 months after surgery, in 2 % - in 6–9 months and in 2% - in 10–15 months after surgery. Revision of tympanic cavity showed disappearing of chronic changes in 95%.

Conclusions Complex surgical treatment including tympanostomy according to elaborated principles concomitant with adenoidectomy is an effective method of otitis media treatment in children.

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