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1599 Peri- and Postoperative Complications of 215 Cases of Inguinal Hernia in Children
  1. CS Berghea Neamtu
  1. Pediatric Clinic Hospital Sibiu, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania


Background The cure of inguinal hernia in children consists of high ligation of hernial sac, generally evolving with few complications.

Aim The evaluation of casuistry structure and evaluation of peri- and postoperative complications in children.

Method Retrospective analytical study for a period of three years includes case studies which required high ligation of the hernia sac (procesus vaginalis).

Results The 214 cases were stratified according to:

  1. Location: left side 29 hernias (13.5%); bilateral 4 (1.8%); right side 181 (84.5%) cases;

  2. Age: 1–3 years, 70 (32.7%); 4–6 years, 71 (33.1%); 7–12 years, 62 (28.9%); 13–18 years, 11 cases (5.1%);

  3. During hospitalization: ≤ 3 days, 65 (30.3%); 4–5 days, 103 (48.1%); ≥ 6 days, 46 cases (21.4%);

  4. Gender: Male 176 (82.2%), Female 38 cases (17.7%).

Diagnosis at Discharge No occlusion and gangrene 196 (91.6%); with occlusion and gangrene 9 (4.2%), without occlusion with gangrene 5 (2.3%), bilateral hernias without occlusion and gangrene 4 cases (1.8%).

Perioperative and Postoperative Complications Strangulated 8 (3.7%) - nonreductible 2, edema 3(1.4%), spermatic cord hematoma 2(0.9%), paralytic ileus 2(0.9%), erythema 21(9.8%).

Conclusions Inguinal hernias are found more common in boys, on the right side, in preschool (1–6 years) and school children (7–12 years).

Most cases were within the duration of hospitalization between 2–5 days.

Most hernias were without occlusion and gangrene.

Complications, fewer in number and diversity as in adult patients, are in order of frequency: erythema, strangulation/incarceration, scrotal edema, hematoma spermatic cord and paralytic ileus.

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