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1582 Our Experience in Functional Endoscopic Surgery of Paranasal Sinuses in Children
  1. M Maniuc,
  2. S Diacova,
  3. L Danilov,
  4. P Ababii
  1. Otorhinolaryngology, Pediatric Clinic, SMPhU, Chisinau, Moldova


Background Functional endoscopic paranasal sinuses surgery actually serves as a method of election in surgical treatment of pediatric sinusitis.

The Aim of our research was to analyze some results of different types of functional endoscopic sinus surgery in children.

Subjects In study were included 420 of children (275 boys and 145 girls) of age between 7 and 14 years old with chronic and recurrent paranasal sinusitis.

Methods We analyzed duration of hospitalization and the percentage of complete functional recovery in 3 groups of patients: I group (84 children) received the standard method, II group (131 children) - the minim invasive method, III group (250 children) - minim invasive method in a proper modification, which provides partial vertical resection of the hamulus and the limited resection of anatomical structures of the osteomeatal complex. Before surgery nasal endoscopy, computer tomography of paranazal sinuses, acoustic rhinometry, the respiratory function of nose, olfaction function, motor activity of the transitory epithelium were studied.

Results Duration of hospitalization of the I group was 6.15±0.24 days, the II group - 5.29±0.22 days, the III group - 4.26±0.25 days (P<0.001). In children of the I group 73.7% were recovered, in children of the II group - 78.2%, and in children of the III group - 85.7% of children.

Conclusions The minim invasive method of endoscopical surgery in the proper modification made possible the more rapid recovery from the inflammatory process in the patients with recurrent and chronic sinusitis.

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