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1573 Sepsis and Multiple Organ Dysfunctions in our PICU
  1. E Celaj,
  2. I Bakalli,
  3. E Kola,
  4. R Lluka,
  5. A Vula,
  6. D Sala,
  7. S Sallabanda
  1. PICU, UHC ‘Mother Teresa’, Tirana, Albania


Background and Aims Multiple organ dysfunction (MODS) may occur during septic disease and it associated with high mortality. The final outcome depends of many factor such as the age, the host response to infection, the site and type of infection, the development of shock, the underlying disease, and the number of failed organs.

The Aim of the study was to determine the frequency of sepsis and MODS in our PICU, define the clinical and laboratory features of affective children and evaluate their outcomes.

Methods A retrospective analysis of children presenting with sepsis and MODS in our PICU between January - December 2011.

Results During the period of study, 478 patients were admitted in our PICU. Sepsis and MODS occurred in 10.9% (n=52) of hospital admissions. Girls were 63% and boys 37%. The overall mortality was 36.5%. Three children died during the first 24 h after the admission and for the rest the mean hospital stay was 8.4 days.

The most frequent organs involved were respiratory, cardiovascular, hematological and neurological. The organs that were less frequently involved were the gastrointestinal, renal and hepatic organs.

The survival depended on the number of affected systems. When two systems were involved the survival was 84%, three systems 34%, four systems 25% and five or more with no survival.

Conclusions Sepsis and MODS were associated with increased severity of illness.

The mortality rate associated with multiple organ system failure in pediatric patients is high. Mortality increased with increasing number of organ dysfunctions.

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