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1533 Epidemiological Profile of Urinary Tract Infection in Pediatric Ward (Experience of a Pediatric Service of the University Hospital of Batna)
  1. HD Zerguine,
  2. S Brahmi,
  3. S Taleb,
  4. S Tebbal
  1. Sciences Médicales de Batna, CHU de Batna, Logements, Algeria


Introduction Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most common infectious attacks in children, Pediatrics significant problem for many reasons: its incidence, the polymorphism of clinical manifestations, its potential severity (renal scarring), the possibility of revealing a uropathy.

Objective Evaluate the incidence, morbidity and long-term acute (hypertension, renal failure), the proportion of bacterial strains involved and how they supported.

Materials and Methods Retrospective study done on the records of patients hospitalized in pediatric ward from 01–01–2009 until 31–12–2009.

130 patients were the subject of this study.

Results Incidence: 4.64%.

Frequently females (sex ratio 0.68). The age group most affected is from 30 days to 05 years (range 30 d and 15).

Fever was noted in 110 patients, 44 patients complained of urinary symptoms. The gross hematuria was observed in 07 patients.

leukocytosis was present in 84.62% of cases; an ESR above 30 in the first hour in 34.61% cases. CRP was positive in 65.38% of patients.

E coli in 22.38% cases, followed in descending order of pneumoniedans klebsiella, pseudomonas aeroginosa, Proteus, enterococcus.

Ultrasound renal disease 17.16% (7.58% urétérohydronephrose).

The UCR pathological in 9.70% (6% RVU).

Pathological IVU 5.22% (3% urétérohydronéphrose).

Conclusion This study confirmed the frequency of UTI in a pediatric setting. However, great efforts are still needed to better support her.

Better knowledge of bacteriology Local: prevalence of germs, sero-typing, with ATB resistance;

The long-term prophylactic treatment of UI also remains to be defined.

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