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1532 Hepatitis a in Pediatric Ward (Experience in the Pediatric Service of CHU of Batna)
  1. ND Righi,
  2. S Brahmi,
  3. H Zerguine,
  4. H Soltani,
  5. S Tebbal
  1. CHU Benflis Touhami, Universite de Batna, Park Aforage, Algeria


Introduction Hepatitis A is a real public health problem worldwide: 273 confirmed cases in Algeria in 2010. She is responsible for 10–30% of hepatitis in adults and 70–90% in children.

Objectives To determine the frequency and severity of hepatitis A.

Materials and Methods A retrospective study done on the records of patients hospitalized for complicated form of hepatitis A over a period of 02 years (2009–2010). 28 patients hospitalized for complicated forms: signs of liver failure.

Results Incidence: 1.15%.

Age group affected is between 5–10 years with a female predominance.

In Algeria the transmission is the predominant waterborne, mostly occurring in winter. Fever, vomiting and asthenia constitute 68.74% of the reasons for consultation. The average AST, ALT was elevated 100 times normal.

Conclusion Hepatitis A is very common in Algeria in connection with a water-borne and the majority of cases are asymptomatic and almost at the age of 18 years 95% of patients develop antibodies.

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