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1530 The Comparison of Several Anesthetic Premedication in Magnetic Resonance Imagining (MRI) Unit in Pediatric Patients
  1. V Tuna1,
  2. MS Çolak2,
  3. H Ulusoy2,
  4. M Kosucu2
  1. 1Trabzon Kanuni Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanemize
  2. 2Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Medicine, Trabzon, Turkey


We were aimed to compare the efficacy and safety of midazolam, tramadol and midazolam plus tramadol in magnetic resonance imaging for pediatric patients.

Undergoing MRİ, for premedication, doses of midazolam 0.75 mg/kg, tramadol 3mg/kg and midazolam 0,375mg/kg+tramadol 1.5mg/kg were administered. Undergoing MRI, these drugs were determined sedation, anxiety and separation scores, and compared the effects of exposure time, shots of the family and technician satisfaction, reliability and the side effects. Sixty pediatric patients undergoing MRI were selected prospective and randomly.

From patients with ASA I-II risk groups, patients in 1–15 years olds were administered orally premedication before 30 minutes from sedation. After MRI, sedation, anxiety and separation scores in anesthesia recovery unit, the time of undergoing MRI and staying in recovery unit, the frequency of additional sedative drugs administration and the family and technician satisfaction were noted. In addition, follow up was vital parameters and side effects.

The efficiency of sedation in midazolam group was determined better than other groups. In tramadol group, there was not efficiently sedation. For this reason, the need of additional sedation was occurred and prolonged undergoing MRI time. In midazolam+tramadol group, anxiety was lesser than other groups. Comparing the other groups there was maximum nausea side effect in tramadol group and minimum in midazolam+tramadol group.

In conclusion, midazolam group, the best sedation was detected. The use of low dose combination of midazolam+tramadol was not effective for sedation but was decrease anxiety scores and adaptation of separation time in children undergoing MRI.

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