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1507 Effects of Lamotrigine on the Language and Problem Solving Abilities in Newly Diagnosed Pediatric Epileptic Patients
  1. SJ Kim1,
  2. SH Chae2,
  3. YM Choi2,
  4. KS Kim3
  1. 1Department of Pediatrics
  2. 2Department of Clinical Speech Pathology, Chonbuk National University Medical School
  3. 3Jeonju Public Health Center, Jeonju, Republic of Korea


Purpose The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of lamotrigine on language and problem solving abilities in newly diagnosed pediatric epileptic patients.

Methods Sixty-seven newly diagnosed pediatric epileptic patients.(Male:Female=43:24, Mean age :8y 9m ± 2y 4m), who were investigated from 2006 to July 2011. We performed a standardized full articulation tests and Peabody picture vocabulary test-revised. Test of Problem Solving (TOPS), Mean Length of Utterance in words (MLU-w), comparison of Precise Articulation, Computerized Speech Lab were used to assess the language function before and after initiation of lamotrigine. Starting dosage of lamotrigine was 1mg/kg for the first 7–14 days; increased to 2mg/kg for the next 14 days and increased up to 7mg/kg/day (or 200mg/day).

Results First, TOPS showed that the abilities of problem solving were not injured after initiation of lamotrigine (32.9±13.0 vs 34.5±12.5, P >0.05). All parameters: Causal reason (11.6±4.5 vs 12.1±4.2), solution ratiocination (13.4±5.4 vs 13.6±5.6), beginning guess (7.9±4.2 vs 8.7±4.0) were not changed after initiation of lamotrigine. Second, MLU-w did not reduce after taking medicine (4.2±1.4 vs 4.2±1.3). Third, the receptive language function was significantly improved after taking lamotrigine in PPVT (8y 4m±2y 4m vs 8y 10m±2y 4m, P <0.01). However, there were no significant changes in percentages of precise articulation and error pattern of consonants after taking lamotrigine (98.3% to 99.1%, P >0.05).

Conclusions Our results suggest that lamotrigine can be used without significant negative effects on language function. Moreover, language functions, especially receptive language, were improved after lamotrigine initiation.

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