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1495 Assessment of Antipyretics as Seizure Preventing in Febrile Convulsion
  1. A Mortazavi
  1. Pediatrics, Social Security Organization/Imam Hossein Hospital, Zanjan, Iran


Background Febrile seizure is the most common seizure disorder during childhood. Antipyretics has not been shown to prevent seizure recurrences. (1)

Objectives Some researchers previously studied prophylactic efficacy of antipyretics in FC (2–7). Uhari studied synergic effect of antipyretics and BDPs in 1993. our study planned for antipyretics efficacy in FC in IRAN.

Methods Our observational, analytical, cross-sectional study was accomplished in over one year from 2009/Nov/23 to 2010/Nov/23. Sample size was 92 patients and sampling method was accidentally. Data collected by interview and analyzed using SPSS statistical software and Kolmogorov-smirnov, Pearson correlation and Regression tests.

Results 67 patients (72.8%) had been received antipyretics before seizure occurrences, and 25 patients (27.2%) hadn’t. Antipyretic which had been used composed of one forms of acetaminophen in 62.7%, NSAIDs in 4.5%, and more than one drugs (mixed) in 32.8%.34 patients (50.7%) used antipyretics less than 3 hours, 31 patients (46.3%) in 4–24h and 2 patients (3%) more than 24h before seizure occurrences (FIG-1). (Table-1) shows maximal plasma concentration and plasma half-life of antipyretics. Approximately 50% of patients received antipyretics in appropriate time, but 25% treated after plasma half-life and remainder didn’t received antipyretics before seizure occurrences.

Conclusion Preventable effects of antipyretics in FC, is in doubt but the difference between seizure occurrences in treated groups and remainders are not significant.

FIG-1: Antipyretic usage time before seizure occurrences.

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