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1489 Recidive Larynigitis Episodes and its Correlation with Allergic Constitution in Childhood
  1. O Zafirovski
  1. Institute for Respiratory Diseases in Children-Kozle, Skopje, FYR Macedonia


There is still opacity in aetiology of laryngitis episodes, especially those repeated. Laryngitis can result from exposure to allergens like pollen, dust, smoke and other irritants. The aim of this study is to determine the degree of correlation between repeated laryngitis episodes and allergic component.

Material and Methods In this study were included 561 children with treated laryngitis for the period of 5 years (2006–2011). From them, 104 (18.53%) patients have had medical history about repeated laryngitis episodes, with hospital treatment. The emphasis of our investigation was made on these patients. In addition to other clinical investigations, skin prick tests about allergy predisposition were performed in all of them. Personal and familiar evidence about allergy was assessed, too.

Results Positive results from allergologic skin prick tests were confirmed in 53 (50.96%) patients. From them, in correlation with this basic disease, allergic constitution (asthma, allergic dermatitis, and allergic rhinitis) was determined in 39 (73.58%) patients. The most positive allergen causes were: pollens –24(45.28%), Dermatophagoides ptt.-19 (35.84%) patients etc. From those 39 patients with negative results on allergic skin prick tests, 17 (43.58%) had positive anamnesis of personal/familiar allergy, allergic dermatitis in 8, asthma in 6, recidivate broncho-obstructive episodes –5, positive asthma anamnesis - 3. Allergy was not evidenced in only 12 (11.53%) patients.

Conclusion Repeated laryngitis episodes have high degree of significant correlation with allergic constitution in childhood. Allergy is appeared as very important factor in repeated laryngitis episodes etiology. The underlying cause of repeated laryngitis episodes necessarily have to be diagnosed and treated.

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