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1485 Endoscopic Aspects of Inhaled Vegetable Foreign Bodies in Children
  1. J Buzarov
  1. Institute for Respiratory Diseases in Children-Kozle, Skopje, FYR Macedonia


Inhaled foreign bodies are very serious problem in the pediatric pulmonology since they increase the rate of morbidity and mortality. Aim of this study was analysis of endoscopic changes caused by vegetable foreign bodies (VFB) in correlation with their long - standing in the bronchial tree.

Material and Methods In ten years period (2002–2011) inhaled foreign bodies were removed in 219 children (age 6 mths-14 yrs), 60.27%-male and 39.73%-female. Most of the children (57.50%) belong to the youngest group of age (1–2 yrs). The inhaled foreign bodies were from organic origin in 208 (94.97%). Of these, 203 (92.69%) were with vegetable origin. The most commonly found grains were peanuts (57.14%). Inhaled foreign bodies were single object in 123 (56.16%) while in 96 (43.80%) they were multiple.

Results Endoscopically we found:Insignificant inflammation (some hours presence of VFB) in 48 (23.64%)Significant inflammation - vulnerable mucous membrane (VFB with presence more than 3 days) in 78 (38.42%) Severe inflammation - manifest inflammation (VFB more than 7 days presence) in 77 (37.93%). In this group of children we detected:- granulomatous formations 57 (82.60%)- decubital changes 28 (40.57%)- mucopurulent secretion 41 (59.42%).

Conclusion Severity of the endoscopic changes was closely correlated with the quality of the foreign body (vegetable ones), the period of lodgement and the age of the patients. Timely broncoscopic extirpation of VFB decreases the percentage of complications and represents the most successful and only logically carried out therapeutically procedure.

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