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149 Evaluation of Needle Acupuncture Actions on Clinical Improvementpulmonary Functions, Interleukin-6, Immunoglobulin-E and Medications used of Asthmatic Children
  1. NH Mohamed1,
  2. IAE Abdel Meguid2,
  3. HH Shaaban2,
  4. IEM Ahmed Kamel1
  1. 1Researches and Applications of Complementary Medicine Department, National Research Center
  2. 2Pediatric Department, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt


Background and aims Bronchial asthma is one of the most common illnesses in children. The chronicity of bronchial asthma and the fear of steroid therapy cause many patients to seek alternative methods of treatment such as Acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage therapy. The complementary and alternative medicine is a widespread phenomenon, In Europe, complementary therapies are used by 20–50% of the population. Among pediatric populations, Acupuncture is considered the backbone of the CAM modalities.

Methods we applied the acupuncture sessions for 30 cases of children who suffering from asthma on their conventional medical treatment on certain points according to Traditional Chinese Medicine for 12 sessions in one month and measuring of Pulmonary functions including (VC%, FVC%, FEV1%, FEF25–75%, FEF25%, FEF50%, FEF75%, PEF%), IL-6, IgE, Eosinophilic count before and after the sessions. Clinical grading and medications used before and after the acupuncture sessions measured.

Results There were significant improvement in Pulmonary functions: VC% (p<0.001), FVC% (p<0.001), FEV1% (p<0.001), FEF25–75% (p<0.001), PEF% (p<0.001), FEF25% (p<0.001) FEF50% (p<0.001), FEF75% (p<0.001). There were significant decrease in Eosinophilic count (p<0.001). More over there were improvement in IL-6 and IgE levels in the blood. However there were improvements in clinical conditions of the patients (symptoms, signs, grade of asthma) also there was decrease in their medications used.

Conclusions Acupuncture improves pulmonary functions of the children with bronchial asthma however it decreases the serum levels of Eosinophilic count, IL-6 and IgE with decrease all medications used by children before needle sessions.

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