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1466 The Etiology of Peripheral Lymphadenopathy in Children
  1. Y Özkale1,
  2. M Özkale1,
  3. S Asilsoy2,
  4. T Sipahi3
  1. 1Pediatric
  2. 2Pediatric Allergy, Baskent University, Adana
  3. 3Pediatric Nephrology, Ufuk University, Ankara, Turkey


Aim To determine the clinical and laboratory findings of peripheral lymphadenopathies.

Methods We evaluated 224 children who had been admitted to our pediatric clinic because of enlarged peripheral lymphadenopathy(LAP). The patients age, sex, localization, duration, size, mobility, extansion of lymph nodes, systemic symptoms, diagnostic laboratory and radiologic investigations and final diagnosis were determined. Features of lympadenopathy were compared between patients with malignant and benign diagnosis.

Results The ages of the patients ranged between 2 months and 16 years (median 7 years); 56% of the patients were male, Of the 186 (83%) patient had benign and 38 (17%) had malignant disorder. A total of 164 (73%) had localized, 60 (27%) had generalized LAP. The most frequent cause in the benign group was acute lymphadenitis where as hodgkin lymphoma was most frequent in the malignant group. Cervical region was the most common localization for benign or malign disorder. The mean age was higher in the malignant group. We determined acute LAP in 164 (73%) and choronic LAP in 60 (27%) patient. We didn’t find differences between the benign and malignant groups according to size and mobility of nodes. Anemia, leukopenia trombocytopenia and organomegaly were significantly common in malignant group. Weight loss, night sweet and fatigue were more frequently associated symptoms in the malignant group. Excisional biopsies were performed to 50 (22.3%) patient.

Conclusion The following findings were important to alert the physician about the probability of a malign disorder: older age, supraclavicular lymphadenopathy, abdominal LAP, abnormal complete blood count and organomegaly.

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