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1434 Clinical-Laboratory Peculiarities in Children with Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
  1. O Zagrebaeva,
  2. A Solntsava,
  3. L Viazava
  1. Paediatrics, Belarussian State Medical University, Minsk, Belarus


Aim To determine clinical-laboratory peculiarities in children with obesity (O) and metabolic syndrome (MS).

Methods 119 children with O and MS were examined in the endocrinological department of University hospital (Minsk) over 2011 year. Group1 patients with O 90(75.6%) (boys/girls=50/40), mean±SD age 12.2±3, group2 MS 29(24.4%) (boys/girls=16/13), mean±SD age 14.2±2.2 yrs (ð=0.04). Insulin(Ins); total cholesterol(TC); triglycerides(TG); high-density(HDLc), low-density(LDLc) lipoprotein cholesterol; atherogenic coefficient(AC); OGTT with HOMAIR index were defined to all patients. The results were processed using the Statistica 6.1.

Results BMI boys group1 28.1±5.4 kg/m2, group2 33.8±4.4 (ð=0.3); group1 girls 31.8±5.6, group2 36±5.5 (ð=0.6).The average levels of TC were in normal limits, gender and intergroup differenses weren’t noted (ð=0.1). TG boys and girls with MS were 1.73±0.93 and 2.02±0.6 (0.45–1.7 mmol/L), the reliable difference weren’t noted (ð=0.8 and ð=0.3 respectively). HDLc was norm in all groups regardless of gender (ð=0.2). LDLc was upgraded in girls group2 3.43±0.79 (< 3.3 mmol/L) (ð=0.4). AC in boys and girls group2 was 3.31±1.16 and 3.81±0.88 (2–3) (ð=0.1). Basal and postprandial plasma glucose levels by conducting OGTT didn’t exceed normal limits in group1 and group2 regardless of gender (ð=0.08).Ins boys group1 24.2±18mU/ml (2.1–22), group2 40.1±23.2 (ð=0.1); girls group1 20.8±14, group2 37.8±16.1 (ð=0.6). HOMAIR boys group1 5.16±3 (< 2.77), group2 10.87±5.9 (ð=0.1); girls group1 4.3±3, group2 8.5±3.4 (ð=0.8).

Conclusions Dyslipidemia was typical to group with MS. Insulin resistance with maintaining the basal and postrandial normoglycemia was noted by conducting OGTT in all patients regardless of gender.

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