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1416 Insulin Resistance Correlates in Obese Adolescents
  1. I Papandreou,
  2. G Papadopoulos,
  3. M Bourneli,
  4. Z Gerle
  1. Paediatrics, Tzaneio General Hospital of Piraeus, Piraeus, Greece


Background and Aims Obesity is an epidemic that affects adolescents and afflicts changes in their metabolic profile. The purpose of our study was to compare glucose metabolism, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia and blood pressure between obese and healthy adolescents.

Methods We included in our study 126 adolescents followed at the outpatient clinic of our hospital, aged 13.9±2.01 (Mean±SD) in the course of 2011. The Body Mass Index (BMI) was calculated from weight and height measurements and was used to divide the adolescents into two groups, (obese, those above the 95th percentile, which corresponds to a BMI of 30 (considered obese in adults) and non obese). Blood pressure, fasting insulin, glucose and lipid blood levels were measured. Estimates of insulin resistance (homeostatic model assessment (HOMA-IR) and the quantitative insulin sensitivity check index (QUICKI), were derived from fasting measurements. For the statistical analysis we used SPSS 20.0 (IBM Corp.). Mann-Whitney and Spearman tests were applied.

Results Among the adolescents in our study 47 were obese. Obese adolescents had a higher systolic and diastolic blood pressure (p<0.001 and p: 0.04 respectively), higher blood levels of fasting insulin (p<0.001) and lower High Density Lipoprotein(HDL) (p:0.01) compared to non-obese. Insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity indexes were associated with obesity (HOMA-IR, p<0.001, QUICKI p<0.001).

Conclusions Increased insulin resistance, higher blood pressure and low levels of HDL were associated with increased adiposity among adolescents. It is therefore necessary to screen for elevated blood pressure and hyperlipidaemia amongst obese adolescents.

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