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1404 Prospects of Probiotic Bacterial Lectins in Medicine
  1. M Lakhtin,
  2. V Lakhtin,
  3. S Afanasiev,
  4. V Aleshkin,
  5. A Aleshkin
  1. Medical Biotechnology, G.N. Gabrichevsky Research Institute for Epidemiology & Microbiology, Moscow, Russia


Background Probiotic bacterial lectins (PBL) isolated by us from industrial strains of human origin are important regulators of microbiocenoses.

The Aim is to evaluate potential of PBL in medicine.

Results The data obtained indicate that preparations of PBL imitate general functions of probiotics, increase or create new useful activities. In biotopes PBL act as intrinsic tool of microbial selection, factor of supporting probiotic compartment. PBL can be used for screening probiotic microbes, sensitive and resistant clinical strains, and also for monitoring balance of biocenosis in directions “Microbes - Microbes” and “Microbes - Organism”. Application of PBL (combinations of L of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria [LL and LB] as the model functional imitator of biotope probiotic compartment) is multidirected and use antipathogen cascade multisynergism of PBL in time and in space. Results indicate that PBL are able to destruct biofilms of pathogen combinations “Staphylococcus > or < Candida” (synergistic contribution: LL > or < LB). LL+LB possess advantages of probiotic action in cases of biotopes where bifidobacteria or lactobacilli are currently absent. It seems, being delivered into organism, PBL will complete cell system “Lactobacillus + Bifidobacterium + Other probiotic-like microbes” and increase synbiotic biotope ingredients. The data on synergistic action between PBL and antibiotics allow using PBL in cases of non-effectiveness of antibiotics or for decreasing antibiotic doses.

Conclusions Results indicate prospects of PBL in supporting probiotic and synbiotic systems of organism for example during chemotherapy and radiotherapy of tumors, or as ingredients of anti-infectives against eukaryotic pathogens (microfungi and protozoans).

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