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144 Primary Health Care Physicians’ Willingness and Perceived Barriers Towards Conducting Research
  1. RM Al-Raddadi1,
  2. ZM Al-Harbi2,
  3. SS Al-Ghamdi3 Primary Health Care Research Group
  1. 1Research, Primary Health Care
  2. 2Research, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Jeddah
  3. 3King Abdullah Medical city, Makkah, Saudi Arabia


Background and aims Health research supports health systems in the delivery of better, fairer and more equitable health care to people. Saudi Arabia government has acknowledged the importance of research to improve the patient outcome. Accordingly, conducting research has been promoted by Saudi commission for Health Specialization and a great increase in research fund was recognized. However, still has little of a research in Saudi Arabia compared to other countries. This research is conducted to assess the primary health care physicians willingness and the perceived barriers toward conducting research.

Methods This cross sectional study was conducted among all primary health care physician in Jeddah city. A self administered questionnaire was used to investigate their willingness and perceived barriers toward conducting research.

Results Of the respondents 87.1% reported that they are willing to conduct research and 91.7% with 95% felt that it is Important to conduct research in the primary health care sitting. Many barriers to conduct research were identified the three most highly rated barrier was no access to research fund. Limited training in research methodology and limited support were the next most highly rated barriers. Barriers found to be significantly associated with research willingness were limited time, no access to the fund and lack of experience in conducting Research.

Conclusions The study shows that PHC physicians are willing and have a positive attitude towards primary health care research but face many obstacles. The key obstacles are limited time, no access to fund, and lack of experience.

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