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1397 Weight Gain (WG) and Sodium Monitoring in VLBW Infants (VLBWI) Fed Donor Human Milk (DM+) Versus No Donor Milk (DM-)
  1. KA Marinelli1,
  2. MM Lussier2,
  3. JI Hagadorn3
  1. 1Neonatology and Human Lactation, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and University CT School of Medicine
  2. 2Lactation, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
  3. 3Neonatology, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and University CT School of Medicine, Hartford, CT, USA


Background and Aims The impact of supplementing mother’s milk (MM) with donor milk (DM) upon VLBWI WG and serum Na (sNa) is unclear. This study aimed to compare WG, lowest sNa (LowNa), and number of sNa samples (NumNa) between birth and 56 days in DM+ versus DM- VLBWI.

Methods Single-center clinical/nutritional data, weekly weights and all sNa during the first 56 days were collected between 10/2009–9/2011 for inborn VLBWI still hospitalized at 28 days. DM was tested for association with WG, LowNa, and NumNa.

Results 95 VLBWI were studied, with GA 28.4±2.8 weeks, BWt 1031±295 grams, 29 (31%) DM+. Median enteral intake in the first 28 days (EI28) was 1791 ml (range 0–5882); among DM+, median DM intake (DMI28) was 787 ml (range 76–2105). DM+ versus DM- did not differ in GA, BWt, gender, race, EI28, or days on ventilator, CPAP or parenteral nutrition in the first 28 days. At 56 days, overall median (IQR) WG was 1047 (902, 1192) gm/kg BWt, overall LowNa was 132 (128.5, 135) mEq/L. NumNa was 19 (9.5, 37). In univariate analysis, DM+ and DM- did not differ regarding WG, LowNa, or NumNa (Table 1). In multivariable linear mixed modeling DMI28 was associated with a statistically significant but trivial decrease in LowNa (Table 2), and was not an independent determinant of WG or NumNa.

Conclusions DM supplement to MM supports growth in VLBWI without adversely affecting LowNa or NumNa.

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