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1375 Early Diagnostics of Necrotizing Enterocilitis in Newborn Infants Underwent Perinatal Asphyxia
  1. A Haciyeva
  1. Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics named after of K.J. Farajova, Baku, Azerbaijan


Background and Aim Defensins are antimicrobial peptides against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungus and viruses. The goal of the study is to reveal diagnostic fecal markers of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) among the various gestational age children who underwent perinatal asphyxia.

Methods The 95 newborn children have been included to study. Main group consisted of 960–4210 g birth weighing 69 infants with structural pathologies of central nervous system. Main group were classified in two subgroups: 40 preterm newborns (gestational age 30–37 weeks) with structural pathologies of central nervous system and 29 term babies with 38–40 weeks of gestational age. 26 children (14 premature and 12 in term infants) were included in control group. Stool for analyses was taken in 3-rd, 7-th, 15-th and 30-th days of life. The concentration of human β-defensin-2 (HBD-2) was determined by immune-enzyme analysis (ELISA Kit Immune diagnostic, Bensheim, Germany).

Results In premature babies NEC development associated with the 246.2- 257.5 ng/g on 3-rd day; 173.7–206.9 ng/g on 7-th day; 161.5–188.9 ng/g on 15-th day; 155.2–167.4 ng/g on 30-th day of HBD-2 concentration. In term babies NEC developed in 246.2–268.5 ng/g on 3-rd day; 166.9–255ng/g on 7-th day, 161.5–226 ng/g on 15-th day; 155.2–208 ng/g on 30-th day of HBD-2 concentration.

Conclusion Thus, definition of fecal HBD-2 in dynamics at newborn children underwent to perinatal asphyxia allows to diagnose NEC at the initial stage of development which gives the base to begin in time treatment.

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