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1369 Neonatal Morbidity in Hypertensive Pregnancy
  1. DS Krstic
  1. Neonatology, Health Centre Vranje, Vranje, Serbia


Research conducted at the Gynaecology-obstetrics and neonatology department of the Health Center Vranje in 2011./2012 included 80 mothers and 80 infants. The study included 40 mothers of patients with hypertensive syndrome in pregnancy and 40 mothers and infants in the control group.

Hypertension is registered in the 3–7% of pregnant women. The average age of pregnant women from the control group was 31 years and 26 years.

For mothers with hypertension, the labor was completed in 28 (70%) by caesarean section and only in 12 (30%) spontaneously, whereas in the control group leads spontaneously in 32 (80%) mothers.

The average body weight of infants of mothers suffering from hypertensive syndrome was 2970 grams in the control group was 3235 grams.

Average Apgar score (cumulative score of cardiorespiratory function of newborns and nerve function) in the study group in the first minute was 6.55, in the fifth 7.78, while in the control average Apgar score in the first minute is 7.67, and in the fifth minute 8.73.

Infants of mothers suffering from hypertensive syndrome in pregnancy have lower values of erythrocytes, pH, PO2 and PCO2 greater value.

Duration of hospitalization, mothers suffering from hypertension of the newborn is longer.

The observed groups There were no maternal or fetal mortality.

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