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140 Research Networks in Pediatric Primary Care: Transition to Reality
  1. T DeWitt
  1. Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH, USA


Research networks in pediatric primary care, often called practice-based research networks (PBRN) in the United States, have an increasingly important role in the spectrum of research that spans from basic research to practical and effective application in primary care settings. In addition to assessing efficacy, PBRN’s are particularly critical in assessing effectiveness in the real world of community practice - the final step in translating new discovery into practice. Key elements of effective translation that can be assessed by PBRN’s include rapidity of adoption, adherence, and quality improvement systems to assure consistent application. This presentation will discuss PBRN’s in the context of the National Institute of Health’s “Roadmap for Medical Research” and an emphasis on translational research. Examples of the use of pediatric PBRN’s in this capacity, including ADHD and asthma, with a focus on effectiveness will be discussed.

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