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139 Research Networks in Pediatric Primary Care: Eaprasnet
  1. S del Torso1,
  2. D van Esso2,
  3. A Hadijpanayis3,
  4. Z Grossman4
  1. 1ULSS 16, Padova, Italy
  2. 2Primary Care Center ‘Pare Claret’, Barcelona, Spain
  3. 3Pediatric Department, Larnaca General Hospital, Larnaca, Cyprus
  4. 4Maccabi Health Services, Tel Aviv, Israel


EAPRASnet is the European Academy of Paediatrics Research in Ambulatory Setting Network, whose members are European primary care paediatricians committed to research in their practices that expressed their will to join a research network.

The network is the research laboratory of the primary care setting and in the latest study, EAPRASnet has enrolled a total of 685 pediatricians from 21 countries.

A recruitment survey showed that areas of most interest for research were: quality of care indicators, communication with parents, obesity, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and effective well child care. Main incentives for participation in a research project were interest in the topic (81%) and effort to improve quality of care (71%). Lack of time was the leading reported obstacle (72%).

A second electronic survey assessing primary care pediatricians’ estimations and practices regarding parents’ vaccination refusal was sent to 395 EAPRASnet members, with a response rate of 87%. Of respondents who vaccinate in their clinic, 93% estimated the total vaccine refusal rate less than1%. Sixty nine percent of all respondents prefer a shared decision making approach to handle parents’ vaccine hesitancy.

A recent survey on Use of Antibiotics in Upper Respiratory tract infections has been performed to evaluate European primary care paediatricians’ knowledge, attitudes and practice regarding antibiotic prescribing for upper respiratory infections in order also to identify targets for future intervention studies.

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