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1365 The Relationship Between Mother’s Condition and Newborn Birth Weight
  1. S Gatot-Irawan,
  2. A Sunardi,
  3. RP Rina-Pratiwi,
  4. A Agus-Fitrianto,
  5. MS Kosim
  1. Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University - Dr. Kariadi Hospital, Semarang, Indonesia


Background Birth weight is a powerful predictor of infant growth, intra uterine welfare and survival. The outcome of birth weight is a reasonable well-defined problem caused by factors that are potentially modifiable. Mother’s condition were important risk factor for determining the outcome of birth weight.

Objective To determine the relationship between mother’s condition and newborn birth weight

Methods/design Case control study in Dr. Kariadi Hospital Semarang, Indonesia. Data were taken from medical records of babies who fulfilled inclusion criteria and admitted from January 2011 until December 2011. The mother’s condition included age, education, parity, nutritional status from Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC), gestational age, antenatal care, (ANC), hypertension, and anaemia. Birth weight was determined at birth with same scale and categorized in to some categories. Statistical analyses used: X2 and logistic regression.

Results We obtained 30 mother of babies with low birth weight as a Case Group and 30 mother of babies/with appropriate birthweight as the control group. We found between groups: MUAC has (OR 0.10; 95% CI:0.01–0.6) p=0.01, anaemia has (OR 0.13; 95% CI :0.03–0.61) p=0.09, and gestational age has (OR 21.76; 95% CI :3.6–129) p= 0,001, age has (OR 0.90; 95% CI :0.19–4.15) p= 0.89, Hypertension has (OR 0.44; 95% CI:0.73–2.69) p=0.37, parity has (OR 0.36; 95% CI:0.11–1.20) p=009, education has (OR 0.12; 95% CI :0.10–1.60) p=0.11, ANC has (OR 0.01; 95% CI :0.02–0.6) p=0.99.

Conclusion MUAC, anaemia and gestational age as risk factor of LBW. Gestational age was the most important one.

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