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1349 Treating Infants of Vitamin D Deficient Mothers - is Routine Supplementation with Abidec Alone Sufficient
  1. A Rakhecha,
  2. K Ganesan
  1. Department of Neonatology, St Mary’s Hospital, Central Manchester University Hospitals, Manchester, UK


Background and Aims Infants with maternal vitamin D deficiency are at increased risk of low vitamin D levels. Cholecalciferol is the usual treatment for such infants. We wanted to see whether routine vitamin supplementation with Abidec alone was enough to normalize vitamin D levels in such infants.

Methods All infants infants with maternal vitamin D deficiency, after August 2011 were given 0.6ml Abidec which provides 400IU of vitamin D2. Vitamin D levels were done at birth and infants with borderline (10–20ng/dl) or deficient(< 10ng/dl) vitamin D levels had repeat test at follow-up. Records of all such infants, from August to November 2011 were reviewed. The results were also compared to the period when cholecaciferol was used.

Results Total 64 patients were identified. Initial vitamin D results were obtained for 60 infants of which 16 infants were deficient (range 3.1 to 9.1 ng/dl), 20 had borderline (range 10.3–19.8 ng/dl), 10 had suboptimal (range 20.6–29.7ng/dl) and 14 infants had normal vitamin D levels.

Post treatment levels were available for 17 out of 36 infants with low or borderline levels. Of the 5 infants with initially deficient levels, 3 had normal, 1 had suboptimal and 1 had borderline vitamin D post treatment levels. 8 of the 12 infants with borderline vitamin D levels had normalized and 4 had suboptimal vitamin D levels post treatment.

These results were comparable to the period when cholecaliferol was used.

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Conclusions Abidec alone is effective treatment for infants with maternal vitamin D deficiency.

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