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1319 Vitamin D Levels in Near Term Infants
  1. W Al-Harthy1,
  2. D El-Metwaly2,
  3. MM Abou Al-Seoud3
  1. 1Neonatal Division, Paediatric Department, Maternity and Children Hospital, Makkah; Saudi Arabia
  2. 2Paediatric, Suez Canal University (FOMSCU), Ismaillia, Egypt
  3. 3Neonatal Division, Paediatric Department, King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Background and Aims Based on the fact that the whole-body bone mineral content increases between 32–33 wk and 40–41 wk gestation (3.0 fold increase), near-term infants are thus at higher risk for low levels of vitamin D. Our aim was to measure 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH) D] concentrations in the cord blood of near term infants born at KFAFH in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

Methods This was a prospective study carried out from August 1st 2011 to January 31st 2012. A total of 153 near terms babies with gestational ages 34 to 36+6 weeks were included. The results were classified as Deficient (25(OH) D<37.5 nmol/L), Insufficient (25(OH) D 37.5–7 5 nmol/L) or Sufficient (25(OH) D>75 nmol/L].

Results The measured 25(OH) D levels ranged between 3–91 nmol/L with a mean of 26.91±13.934 nmol/L. The values were classified as deficient in 134 babies (88.2%) and insufficient in 16 babies (10.5%), while only two babies (1.3%) had sufficient levels of vitamin D in their cord blood. We ran correlation studies between 25(OH) D levels, birth weight (BWt), gestational age (GA) and admission to the neonatal intensive care (NICU), there was a weak correlation between 25 (OH) D levels and birth weight r value of.172 (p<0.05) but no correlation was found with GA or NICU admission.

Conclusion We observed a high prevalence of significant hypovitaminosis D among near term infants and a weak correlation with lower birth weight, the magnitude of which warrants identification and intervention.

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