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1305 Full Term Neonatal Admissions in a Referral Hospital
  1. BR Qandalji
  1. Pediatrics, Ministry of Health, Amman, Jordan


Background and Aim Full term neonates represent a significant proportion of neonatal addmisions. The aim of this study was to see the characteristics of this group in the largest neonatal unit in the capital and how these could be reduced to decrease the burden on the neonatal unit.

Patients and Methods All full term neonatal admissions to the nn unit in Al-Bashir h, 1/1/2011–30/6/2011 were included, A special questionnare was filled which included the various characters of the group, sex distribution, birth weight, reason for admission, duration of hospitalisation and outcome.

Results During this period a total of 855 FTNN were admitted representing 47.6% of total admissions, 80% were admitted on day one, 60% were normal vaginal delivery. 90% were in born, respiratory distress was the main cause of admission, 32%, IUGR14.7%, NNJ11.6%,IODM8%, ASPHYXIA 7%,50% were hospitalised for 1–3 days, mortality rate was 5%,62% of which were due to asphyxia, 30% were due to congenital malformations.

Conclusion FTNN represent a significant proportion of nn admissions the main reason for admission is respiratory distress, and the main reason for mortality is asphyxia, 50% are hospitalised for 3 or less days. a good nursery with intermediate care would decrease the load on the neonatal unit.

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