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1303 Evolution of Neonatal Mortality in the Neonatal Department - in Kouba Hospital - Algiers
  1. S Alhallak,
  2. A Elhasane
  1. Kouba Hospital, Algiers, Algeria


Introduction Neonatal deaths account for a large proportion of child deaths.mortality during neonatal period (2/3–3/4 our countrie)considered a good indicator of both maternal and newborn health and care.

Perinatal mortality:defined as nombre of stillbirths and deaths in the first weekof lif per 1000 births.

Objective To study evolutionof the rate of perinatal mortality, and to analyze the causes of this mortality.

Aims and methods: Data sources:

Registery of delivery room and registery of neonatal department.

Descriptive retrospective study on file of the newborn hospitalized in the department of neonatology during 11 years(1/1/2001 to31/12 2011).

In (2004–2005): adaptation of the infrastucture, equipment by materiels, recruitment, stabitity of the medical personnel.

Results In 11years 77099 births were recorded, among them 1569 stillbirths, a rate of global mortinatality of 20.35%0 in 2001 to 18%0 in 2006 to 15.2%0 in 2011, the early neonatal mortalitywas 20.2%0 in 2001 to 13.6%0 in 2006 to 10.25%0 in 2011. the perinatal mortality diminished from 50.6%0 in 2001 to 30.7%0 in 2006 to25.3%0 in 2011.

The intra-hospital mortality lowered of 50%, from 6.6% in 2001 to 3.48 in 2011. she remained stable since 2007.

The causes of mortinatality by gravidic toxemia and its complications. the neonatal causes of deaths are dominated by exreme prematurity, DRS, asphyxia. the causes are often multiple and been interlinked.

Conclusion Tthe improvement of these indicators is attributed to the improvement the conditions of woman; following, screening and the taken in charge of the high risk pregnancies. as well as the improvment of the taken in charge of the newborns in work-room.

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