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1299 Are we Undertreating Hyperbilirubinemia in Preterm Infants?
  1. A Kage
  1. Paediatrics, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester, UK


Aim To compare serum bilirubin level for exchange transfusion in pre-term infants (< 32 weeks) against standard guidelines.

Methodology Retrospective audit. Preterm infants (< 32 weeks) and Birth weight < 1500 gms included. Data collected through Clinical Work Station. Bilirubin levels plotted on the charts used on our neonatal unit and compared against standard charts. (from Robertson’s textbook of Neonatology).

Results No infant received exchange transfusion. When the levels were plotted on standard guideline charts, there were 8 infants who should have received exchange transfusion based on birth weight and 16 infants who should have received exchange transfusion based on gestation.

Recommendations Consensus on bilirubin chart to be used.

National survey to find out the number of exchange transfusions done in preterm infants.

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