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1298 Predictive Value of Umbilical Cord Blood Bilirubin Level for Subsequent Hyperbilirubinemia in ABO Incompatibility
  1. D Bhat1,
  2. M Purohit2
  1. 1Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana
  2. 2S.P.Medical College, Bikaner, India


Objectives To establish a correlation between umbilical cord blood bilirubin levels and the development of subsequent hyperbilirubinemia in healthy term newborn ABO incompatible infants of blood group “O” mothers.

Subject & methods One hundred consecutive healthy full term offsprings of ABO incompatible pregnancies and 30 controls resulting from O-O pregnancies were studied. Blood group and serm bilirubin estimations were carried out on cord blood and bilirubin estimation was further done at 36 hours of life.

Results Out of 100 cases in study group 33(33%) developed hyperbilirubinemia whereas only one (3.3%) out of 30 cases in control group developed hyperbilirubinemia. Majority of cases with hyperbilirubinemia i.e. 20 (60.6%) out of 33 cases, had cord bilirubin values between 2.5 to 2.99 mg/dl. Mean cord bilirubin values were significantly higher (2.27±U 0.76) in study group as compared to compared to control group (1.55±0.33).

Conclusion It is concluded that in ABO incompatibility the cord bilirubin value ≥ 2.5 mg/dl can serve as a useful cutoff limit for the later development of hyperbilirubinemia.

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