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1274 A Comparative Study of Klimek and Ballard Methods in Determining Neonatal Maturity in Iran
  1. R Saeedi,
  2. S Rahmani,
  3. S Loee
  1. Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran


Background and purpose: Severe prematurity, as the most important factor in premature neonatal mortality, is of paramount importance and accounts for 60–80 percent of neonatal mortality without abnormalities. Therefore, by defining the exact time of fetus maturity, complications and side effects could be predicted and best decisions could be made. Since the present methods are complicated, time-consuming and stressful for the neonates, researchers decided to compare the simple Klimek method with the New Ballard method.

Methods and materials: This study is a descriptive cross-sectional research. Qualified neonates in a single group were examined for maturity by both Klimek and New Ballard methods. Neonate was examined by the first co-researcher with New Ballard method, and immediately examined by the second co-researcher with Klimek method. The second neonate was examined by the first co-researcher with Klimek method and then immediately by the second co-researcher with Ballard method. All 229 neonates were examined in this way. The examinations were done in the first 6–12 hours after birth. Analysis of data was conducted in SPSS, using Mann Whitney U and Kappa Coefficient.

Results In 74.6% (171 cases) the same gestational age was obtained by both methods (p=0.664). Also, determination of gestational age by Klimek method and LMP was not statistically different; and 75.9% (174 cases) the same gestational age was obtained by both methods (p=0.943). In 51.5% (118 cases), both methods detected mature neonates (K=0.806).

Conclusion The simple Klimek Method is completely compatible with the New Ballard and LMP methods in determining neonatal maturity.

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