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1196 Normal Values of C Reactive Protein in Term Babies
  1. C Bellieni1,
  2. G Buonocore2
  1. 1Pediatrics and Obstetrics
  2. 2University of Siena, Siena, Italy


Aim To assess the normal values of C reactive Protein (CRP) in our population. We included only those babies in which we had no retrospective doubt of having no infection.

Material and Methods We studied all babies born in the year 2010 in the Siena hospital, in whom PCR was measured for the risk of neonatal infection. we excluded from this retrospective analysis the following babies: Gestational age < 38 weeks, positive hemocolture, high blood cell count, antibiotic treatment already begun before CRP determination.

Results Results are reported as follows: a-Babies (n) b-Mean CRP value (mg%) c-SD. Before 12 hours form birth: babies n99, CRP0.14, SD0.20. At 24 hours babies n92, CRP0.42, 0.61. At 36 hours n8, CRP0.38, SD0.56. At 48 hours babies n349, CRP0.44, SD0.51. At 72 hours babies n145, CRP0.31, SD0.38. At 96 hours babies n52, CRP0.20, SD0.30. At 108 hours n9, CRP0.05, SD0.10At 120 hours babies n4, CRP0.06, SD0.06.

Conclusion These date are useful to have CRP normality parameters in the newborn: they confirm that in the first hours of life, CRP values are far higher than those of the adults.

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