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1137 Isolated Aortic Coarctation Seen in the Children in Republic of Kosova a 12Years Single Centre Experience
  1. R Bejiqi1,
  2. R Retkoceri2,
  3. N Zeka2,
  4. H Bejiqi3,
  5. M Kelmendi2,
  6. A Retkoceri4,
  7. S Surdulli3
  1. 1Pediatric Clinic, University Children’s Hospital, Clinical Center of Kosovo
  2. 2Pediatric Clinic, University Clinical Center of Kosova
  3. 3Main Center of Family Medicine
  4. 4Main Center of Family Medicine, Prishtina, Kosovo


Introduction Aortic coarctation (CoA) accounts for 6 to 8% of live births with congenital heart disease and it represents a spectrum of lesions, generally encompassing variable degrees of tubular hypoplasia along with additionally stenotic areas within the aortic arch.

Objective Aim of this presentation is to describe pathoanatomical presentation, echocardiographic diagnosis, treatment and outcome of children with isolated CoA.

Methods Retrospectively we analyzed medical records and echocardiograms of 62 children with CoA during the past 11 years.

Results Patients (n = 61, 38 male or 62%) diagnosed with a median age of 14 months, aged from 4 days to 14 years. Clinical presentation depends from age of diagnosis, where children diagnosed less than 3 months of age (18 of them or 29%) manifested signs of heart failure; children diagnosed under from 3 to 12 month (32 or 51.6%) manifested signs of cardiac failure, often respiratory infection. Diagnosis were decided by echocardiography, where peak velocity was estimated by continuous Doppler. All children age under one year, disregard of type of coarctation, therapy was surgical, end-to-end anastomosis. In 4 children age 10 to 13 years, percutaneous balloon angioplasty were performed, in different centers, and in all of them short time after intervention, re-coarctation was noted. Re-coarctation was noted in 6 children.

Conclusion Isolated CoA is a CHD with excellent prognosis, especially in children under one year of age. Percutaneous balloon angioplasty is performed in adult patients but short term results are delicate and stent implantation were performed.

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