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1136 Morphohemodynamic Monitoring of Pulmonary Artery in Premature Infants
  1. E Hadimujic-Konjalic,
  2. S Mesihovic-Dinarevic,
  3. S Terzic
  1. Pediatric, Clinic Center Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina


Introduction Two-dimensional echocardiography is increasingly used in Neonatal intensive care departments in order to test structure and function of the hearth because a definite diagnosis in this period is very difficult if solely based on physical examination.

Aim To determine influence of oxygen support on diameter and flow rate through the pulmonary artery in preterm infants by echocardiography.

Methods The study was conducted in tertiary health institution (Pediatric Clinic, KCU Sarajevo), the Neonatal intensive care unit between November 2011th and February 2012th. Examinees were divided into three groups, depending on the type of oxygen support: infants on conventional mechanical ventilation, CPAP by continuous positive pressure and indirect oxygen. It was performed echocardiography measuring of pulmonary artery dimensions and the maximum flow rate. Standard echocardiography methods were used: One-dimensional M mode and Two-dimensional Doppler.

Results 30 patients age < 35 weeks were divided into three groups.

Mean body weight was 1066±150.5 g; 1280±115.95 g and 2720±420.92 g.

Mean gestational age is: 28.7±1.78; 30.3±0.95 and 33.90±0.99.

The mean diameter of the main branch of the pulmonary artery is: 5.64±0.6; 6.16±0.37 and 8.5 mm±1.06.

The mean maximum flow rate through the main branch of the pulmonary artery (m/s): 1.48±0.74; 1.58±0.24 and 1.72±0.18.

Conclusion By comparison of dimension values and flow rate through the pulmonary artery we have proved that type of oxygen support has no influence on the diameter and flow speed through the pulmonary artery in preterm infants < 35 weeks of gestation.

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