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1135 Coronary Artery Anatomy Prior Tetralogy of Fallot Surgery
  1. S Mesihovic-Dinarevic1,
  2. Z Begic1,
  3. A Kadic1,
  4. M Halimic1,
  5. S Pandur2,
  6. H Vila2,
  7. E Omerbasic2,
  8. I Poplata1
  1. 1Peadiatric Clinic, Clinical Centre University of Sarajevo
  2. 2Heart Centre, Clinical Centre University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina


Intoduction Anomalous coronary artery disease is common among patients with Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF). The need to define the morfohaemodynamics of TOF is the priority in echo laboratory prior TOF surgery.

Aim To evaluated coronary artery anatomy pre and intraoperatively by imaging technique-echocardiograhy and to establish frequency of congenital coronary arteries anomalies in patients with tetralogy of Fallot, as a plan of surgical approach in these patients.

Methods Consecutive retrospective analysis of echocardiography data patients with tetralogy of Fallot and surgical protocols of total corrections of Tetralogy of Fallot was performed.

Results During period from 01.01.2010 till 01.01.2011. at Paediatric clinic CCU Sarajevo Out pts Cardiology department 3577 pts were evaluated, 70/1.9%/pts with CHD and 13/70 with ToF (18%), age 25 monhts (9–60), 7 girls (53.8%). First Group had simple ToF/n-10/and Second Group had Pentalogia Fallot (n-3 pts). Anatomical correction was performed in all pts in Sarajevo by foregin an local team. Preoperativey 2/15.4%/pts with ToF had anmalous origin of anterior interventricular branch of RCA crossing RVOT which was as well confirmed intraoperatively. The surgical approcah was based upon the preoperativelly echo findings, so these 2 pts had RVOT-PA graft construction. All pts from the Second Group had normal anatomy of coronary arteries pre- and intraoperatively.

Conclusion Non invasive transtoracic echocardiography (TTE) is very usefull tool in deliniation of coronary artery anatomy as a part of surgical approach plan in patients with TOF which defenitly could decrease the risk of surgery.

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