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116 Role of Nurses in Multiple Babies Breastfeeding Success
  1. N Cinar
  1. Paediatric Nursing, Sakarya University School of Health Sciences, Sakarya, Turkey


Mother’s milk is the most appropriate food for infants. There is no other food to replace it. The number of multiple-birth families has increased dramatically in the last several decades. It has always been wondered how to breasfed multiple babies. A lot of questions come to mind such as what would be the best method for babies, the things that can be done for sufficient milk for each baby, the requirements for a comfortable breastfeeding period of mother.

Milk production is associated with the law of supply and demand and the amount of produced milk was found to be enough to feed all babies in previous studies. The families, especially mothers having multiple babies need support and information by the professional medical personnel on issues such as breastfeeding technique, increasing the milk supply and collection method of milk, duration and frequency of feeding and weaning.

It is commonly belived that breastfeeding of multiple babies is difficult, troublesome, and even impossible. Virtually all mothers can breastfeed one or more infants, provided that they have correct information and the support of their family and health care professionals. Nurses have an important function on infant feding decisions. It is vital that nurses have the basic knowledge and skills to provide advice and assist in solving breastfeeding poblems.

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