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113 How a Cesarean can Affect with Breastfeeding?
  1. S Kuguoglu
  1. School of Nursing, Gazikent University, Gaziantep, Turkey


Several factors related to the mother and the baby, however, have a negative effect on the initiation of breastfeeding. Mode of delivery is one of these factors. When delivery takes place by cesarean section, the mother becomes a surgical patient with all the inherent risks and problems. The cesarean rate in the world has started to rise. Many mothers have to cope with having a cesarean just as they are also trying to care for their newborn children. Cesareans delivery affect significantly is breastfeeding.

When we look according to delivery types, breastfeeding is affected by these reasons after the cesarean birth:

  1. Maternal pain, fear and stress, fatigue, and prolonged recovery

  2. Complications and separation of mother and baby

  3. Delayed access to baby and supplementary feedings

  4. Anesthesia and analgesia (delayed lacto genesis and poorer infant suck)

Cesarean section may limit mother’s comfort in terms of positioning, but the baby’s sucking stimulate mother’s uterus contract more quickly, speeding up their healing. Researches show fewer women breastfeed their babies after having had a cesarean. Breastfeeding advocates have long promoted the idea that woman who has had a cesarean need extra support and help to establish breastfeeding.

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