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1047 Vitamin B12 Levels of 0–24 Years-Old People in Konya, Turkey
  1. F Akin1,
  2. H Yavuz2,
  3. S Bodur3,
  4. A Kiyici4
  1. 1Konya Training and Research Hospital
  2. 2Pediatrics
  3. 3Public Health, Konya University, Meram Medical Faculty
  4. 4Biochemistry, Selcuk University, Selcuklu Medical Faculty, Konya, Turkey


Background It was reported that levels of vitamin B12 show racial differences. Therefore we wanted to determine normal serum levels of vitamin B12 in Konya region, Turkey.

Methods Totally 1109 samples of which 54 were cord bloods and the rest were 1055 healthy 0–24 years-old subjects who admitted to primary health centers. Vitamin B12 measurement was done at the biochemistry laboratory of Selcuk University Meram Medical Faculty with the original Beckman kits (Beckman Coulter, California-USA) by chemiluminesans method.

Results The reference levels obtained for vitamin B12 at P2.5-P97.5 range were; 127–606 pg/ml for girls and 127–576 pg/ml for boys. Reference level for the total study group was 127–590 pg/ml.

Conclusion The values reported in other studies are higher than our results. Vitamin B12 levels vary among countries. Using reference ranges of other populations may lead to inaccurate results. Therefore normal levels which will be valid for that population should be obtained.

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