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1033 Central Neurogenic Hyperventilation May Cause Metabolic Alkalosis in Mitochondrial Encephalopathy
  1. P Toth-Heyn1,
  2. C Lodi1,
  3. A Jermendy1,
  4. G Rudas2
  1. 1I st Department of Pediatrics
  2. 2MRKK, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary


Background The differential diagnosis of respiratory alkalosis (RA) includes a state called central neurogenic hyperventilation (CNH). In the few reported cases of CNH the etiology was a stimulation of the respiratory center by an infiltrative tumor in the cerebral pons. In some cases, a shift in the cerebral pH to acidic range was also hypothesized.

Case Report We report the case of a six year-old boy with a known Pearson syndrome, a mitochondrial disorder affecting bone marrow, pancreas and renal tubules. He was admitted to our PICU with deteriorating mental status and compensated metabolic acidosis (lactic, hyperchloremic and tubular). On admission, blood gas analysis showed a pH of 7.30 with a disproportionately low compensating pCO2 of 10 mmHg (HCO3 4.9 mmol/L). Serum HCO3 normalized by substitution (21.0 mmol/L), when he developed a RA (pH 7.51, pCO2 24 mmHg) persisting over 48 hours, even during sleeping periods. After reviewing his previous blood gas results, this phenomenon was present for years. After excluding known etiologies of RA, we suspected CNH caused by intra-cerebral acidosis. The pH and HCO3 were lower, while lactate was higher in cerebro-spinal fluid than in serum. An MR spectroscopy confirmed cerebral lactate accumulation, showing a peak in the posterior cerebrum. Encephalopathy is not among the classic manifestations of Pearson syndrome.

Conclusion We were able to demonstrate elevated local lactate level leading to intra-cerebral acidosis, stimulation of the respiratory center and causing long-standing hyperventilation. This phenomenon adds a new aspect to the complex clinical picture of mitochondrial disorders.

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