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1029 Glycine Supplementation Improves the Concentration, Socialization, Perception and Autonomy of Patient with Creatine Transport Defect
  1. J Sales Marques,
  2. D Rocha,
  3. AI Pinto Pais
  1. Centro Hospitalar Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho EPE, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal


Introduction Creatine transport defect (CTD) is a x-linked disorder with neurological symptoms. Glycine can help inhibit the neurotransmitters and supply the body with glucose needed for energy. Also act as a creatine precursor.

Purpose Treat with oral glycine in the period of 12 months, a patient with CTD and compare the clinical, analytic and brain magnetic resonance spectroscopy results, before and after therapy.

Material A fourteen year-old boy with CTD diagnosed at the age of five years, treated unsuccessfully with daily 20 mg of oral methylphenidate for is behaviors disturbances.

Method Oral glycine in a dose of 250 mg/kg/day, divided in two doses.

Results After 12 months, we found some improvement in concentration, socialization, perception and autonomy. No evolution of speech. The creatine peak was slightly better than before (5 to 8 mm). Urine creatine level reduces from 24427 to 10994 µmol/mmol creatinine.

Discussion We believe that the clinical and analytic evolutions are associated with increase creatine peak level secondary to oral glycine. Glycine, because of is inhibitory action over the neurotransmitters, in research studies has shown that helps improve memory retrieval loss in those patients that suffer from a wide variety of sleep-depriving conditions, including schizophrenia, Parkinson and Huntington diseases. He also has a sedative effect and is used in attention-deficit, by reducing the excitability of nerves cells. Glycine is useful in patients with CTD and should be encouraged to use because has no side effect and can improve some behaviours disturbances that is common in this disease.

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