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1027 Mineral Profile of Pneumococcal Diseases in the Children
  1. OM Horlenko1,
  2. VI Rusyn2,
  3. OO Boldizhar2,
  4. FV Horlenko2,
  5. NY Kishko2,
  6. AO Yankovska1,
  7. OM Moskal3,
  8. OA Pushkarenko1,
  9. AI Tomey1,
  10. GB Kosssey1
  1. 1Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases
  2. 2Surgical Diseases
  3. 3Internal Medicine, Uzhgorod National University, Medical Faculty, Uzhgorod, Ukraine


Background and Aims A mineral homeostases is assotiation of processes of sorbtion, distributing, and elimination of mineral composition. Mineral matters play an important role in maintenance of acid-basic balance, osmolality, participate in the function of many enzymic systems, assists development of inflammatory process.

Methods Focus group included 21 children, aged 11.1±0.95 with community-acquired pneumonia, Pneumonia lower lobes acuta (PLA) in which was identificate S.Pneumonia.

Result In the majority of cases the results of physical examination were satisfactory. The level of zinc in blood plasma of PA patients were 0.68±0.17 mkg/l, 0,670.03 mkg/l in urine, copper – 0.42±0.03 mkg/l in blood plasma, 0.36±0.02 mkg/l in urine, iron- 0.75±4.2 mkg/l in blood plasma, 23.48±1.75 mkg/l in urine, phosphorus – 473.10+11.25 mkg/l in blood plasma, 312.50+11.84 mkg/l in urine, iodine – 70.23±5.81 mkg/l in blood plasma, 60.19±1.21 mkg/l in urine. There were a positive correlation with the levels of Fe/Cu of blood serum (r=0.64). With the level of calcium ratio of Fe/Cu had a significant negative correlation (r= –0.87). Increase of Cu, Fe levels in the patients with PA were identificate in the prevalence cases.

Conclusions Microelement status of patients with pneumonia is characterized by synergistic correlation between Fe and Cu (r = 0.64), and reverse dependence between Ca and Fe/Cu (r = –0.87).), increase of Cu, Fe levels. Our dates show the dynamics of development of inflammatory process in Lung and possible role of violations of microelement status of child in pathogeny of diseases of breathing organs.

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