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1022 Immunoregulatory Mechanisms of Childs Food in the Children with Dispepsia Syndrom
  1. OM Horlenko,
  2. UG Dubinina,
  3. BM Halay
  1. Pediatrics with Infectious Diseases, Uzhgorod National University, Medical Faculty, Uzhgorod, Ukraine


Background We studied the influence of child’s food on the state of homoeostasis in the children and developed recommendations by correction of dyspepsia syndrome.

Materials Were observed 27 children with dispepsia syndrom in early-aged children (2–6 months), who used nutritive correction by therapeutic baby’s formula «Humana HN (Therapeutic Diet) + MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides)».

Results The positive dynamics of use of child’s food was confirmed of the clinical symptoms at duration of Dyspepsia syndrome, condition of peripheral blood, level of electrolyte exchange, hormonal tests, cytocines levels and production of endogenous If -γ. The level of IL-2 (2.76±0.48 to 3.36±0.53mkmoll/l) had tendency to the increase. That presents stimulation of proliferation and differentiation of activated T-cell to Thlimphocytes. Biological activity of IL-2 presence role of the typical TGF of cells of limphatic mieloid complex. The levels of IL-4 also have a tendency to the decline in the reference dates(16.48±1.78 to 15.73±1.48mkmoll/l). IL-4 is known to increase the level of production of IgE, what is confirmed the decline of level of IgE in our researches. Level of IF-γ has a tendency to the increase(38.9±1.74 to 40.1±1.24mkmoll/l) and level of IgA has same tendency too. What stipulated an increase of immunoregulatory mechanisms of child’s organism.

Conclusion Used of child’s food provides more active differentiation of cells of granulocytic and monocytic pool. An increase the level of IgA testifies to the improvement of local immunity by an obstacle fixing of bacteria and viruses on mucus shells. The values of IgE decreased, what represented hypoallergic influences of child’s feeding.

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