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1020 Students Self-Assessment in Pediatrics in Al-Qadisiah University School of Medicine (Iraq)
  1. MM Al-Shamoosi1,
  2. NN Al-Hajjiah1,
  3. S Al-Zamili2
  1. 1Pediatrics, Al-Qadisiah University School of Medicine
  2. 2Planning and Health Education, Health Office, Diwaniah, Iraq


Objective Student self-evaluation is an important component of clinical education and also of a comprehensive clinical evaluation system. Our aim was to determine whether student self-evaluation is a reliable method of student evaluation system in our college.

Methods The study included 72 final year medical students in the academic year 2010–2011. The students were asked to freely evaluate their selves in the final theory, traditional long case and OSCE in pediatrics by putting a score representing their performance in these exams. The students self-rating was compared with the actual scores these students obtained.

Results There was a significant correlation between students self-rating and the actual students scores in the final exam in pediatrics.

Conclusion In the presence of a consensus among departments on the level of knowledge and skills that need to be mastered by students during undergraduate medical education, and the implementation of active training program; students self evaluation could be used as an additional method of students evaluation and assessment.

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