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1019 Ministry of Ethics – a Valuable Online Resource for Paediatric Ethics and Law
  1. M Baxter1,
  2. A Brown-Kerr1,
  3. JCK Wong2,
  4. PY Xiu3,
  5. R Ross-Russell4
  1. 1University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, Cambridge
  2. 2Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust, Huddersfield
  3. 3North Middlesex Hospital, North Central London Deanery, London
  4. 4University of Cambridge & Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK


Background and Aims Doctors involved in child health face unique and ever changing legal and ethical challenges. The Institute of Medical Ethics introduced a Consensus Statement (2010) which provided key learning objectives for doctors in medical ethics and law (MEL) including child health. However, a comprehensive online resource covering these topics remains deficient. Our aim was to address this deficiency with a freely accessible learning resource for the UK and Europe.

Methods was designed to cover a wide-range of UK MEL topics. Using feedback from collaborating senior doctors in child health, we identified four main paediatric topics: child protection, mental health and disability, end of life, and general paediatrics. Great emphasis was placed in using a variety of online mediums to target differences in individual learning styles. Use of freely available web-authoring software and new video production technologies allowed for the creation of voice-over animations, all presented on a website specifically designed for enhanced MEL learning.

Results We produced a comprehensive set of paediatric topic and case study notes, 3D-video animation of real-life ethical scenarios, a purpose built MCQ database with graphical user statistics, and online sharing of files and comments between learners and educators. We continue to experience a rapid expansion of our user base, corroborated by an overwhelmingly positive user response.

Conclusion A free-to-use interactive online resource is now available enabling students and clinicians to learn about paediatric MEL using a variety of media and self-assessments. Our low-budget approach is easily updatable to reflect changes in legislation.

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