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1015 Understanding the Teaching of Pediatrics in Graduation in Medicine in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  1. EQ Veiga1,
  2. NA Batista2
  1. 1Faculdade de Medicina de Petrópolis, Petrópolis
  2. 2Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


Background and Aims The movement of transformation through which passes the medical education in Brazil prompted us to understand and describe soma aspects the Pediatric Education in medical undergraduate.

Methods For this we developed an exploratory research, descriptive, cross-sectional quantitative and qualitative approach. We investigated 16 courses and coordinators through semi-structured interviews and institutional documents. It became apparent concern for the context of teaching for all those who participated as study subjects.

Results The total workload of the course in undergraduate Pediatric Medicine held 10.07% of the total workload of the courses and their integration has occurred from the third year of graduation, with the primary health care settings primarily used in 93.75% of schools. The teaching plans demonstrate the enhancement of cognitive development in the learning process, with the psychomotor domain and affective ill-favored. The evaluation process found is focused on learning for students leaving a major void in the assessment of own teaching and their teachers. The practical evaluation of the teaching-learning of students is privileged only 18% of the courses and the assignment of concept is referred to in 87.5% of courses. We noted the will expressed by various schools and their parents, transformations aimed at improving education.

Conclusion The understanding of the teaching of Pediatrics as a fundamental part of general medical education at undergraduate level may, in our view, contribute to the formulation of projects that encourage the construction of new avenues for improving the teaching-learning process in Pediatrics.

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