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1007 Using Statecharts and the Model-View-Controller Architecture to Develop a Novel On-Line Fully Interactive Sipap Device for Training and Competency Assessment
  1. C Bosman
  1. Department of Neonatology, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Nottingham, UK


Performance-based training and competency assessment of junior medical and nursing staff in the use of medical devices such as ventilators places significant demands on instructor time. The development of hi-fidelity on-line simulations of medical devices and clinical situations presents a new way for doctors and nurses to learn and be assessed.

State chart theory was developed to categorise and diagram highly complex flight systems in aviation. This design paradigm combined with the software engineering architecture of the model-view-controller allows for the creation of infinitesimally complex systems.

Such methodology was used to recreate the exact workings of the SiPAP infant flow driver (Carefusion, CA), which has been used to train and assess both medical and nursing staff in our unit, in a fully educationally ‘safe’ environment without an instructor.

The entire state chart for the device will be demonstrated as well as the working on-line simulator in an ePoster format.

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